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As the name implies, an L shape kitchen is formed of two adjoining runs of units, suitable for both large and small area. This modular kitchen will provide an organised and efficient workflow kitchen design . And you can separate work zones in this layout, they can easily and comfortably accommodate you and another user simultaneously. We are leading manufacturer in Gurugram Delhi and Noida.


A U-shaped modular kitchen, sometimes called a C-shaped kitchen design, comprises workspace on three adjoining walls of cabinetry, with an open end for access.
Generally, u shape kitchens provide lots of storage and work surface. They’re also very safe since they have only one entrance and no through traffic.


G-shaped kitchens are named after the four sides that look like the letter “G”. There is usually a fourth dimension (the jut or peninsula), that adds additional countertop or dining space. These are often found in open-plan areas, but they can also be added to single-use spaces.


In-line kitchens are one of the most functional and simple layouts. It is also known as the one-wall layout. The in-line kitchen layout is ideal for studios and small apartments. It saves space and costs by having the kitchen triangle placed along one wall. This layout can be used as a secondary kitchen for larger apartments.


Kitchens with longitudinal areas or a passage connecting to the Kitchen will benefit from parallel line kitchen designs. Parallel Modular Kitchens are organized because they have multiple cabinets that can hold accessories and kitchenware. 


The best part of peninsula shape modular kitchens is their ability to serve the owners in multiple ways. If the rooms are big enough, such a layout would even have generous space for a dining table or a small island for kitchen that enhances the overall utility. In addition, proper arrangements of kitchen essentials can fetch storage space right into the extreme corner.


Walk-In Wardrobe

A walk in wardrobe is an aspiration aspect of home design–especially when it is one that is spacious, well organised and kitted out with a closet system that is as stylish as the clothing collection it holds. Walk in wardrobe designs show just how luxurious these tucked away spaces can be made to feel. Our curated gallery of designs feature beautiful finishes, attractive accent pieces, both stunning and practical lighting installations, and extensive closet organisation ideas. Find inspiration to maximize the potential of small hidden away bedroom closets and large dedicated dressing rooms alike, with ideas to fit all kinds of aesthetics, color schemes, and budgets.

Create a Focal point

Create a focal point. If you have the space to hang statement lighting inside your walk in wardrobe, then a large ring pendant will create an impressive and practical circle of illumination. You might not be about to invite guests into your closet, but designing a luxury wardrobe is about creating a beautiful space that you’ll simply adore walking into time and again.

Vanity Table/ Vanity chair

Include a Vanity Table in your layout, and team it with a colourful Vanity Chair In this example, the same shade of blue is echoed in a small Pouf on the other side of this closet to carry the theme through.

Hide It, Feel It

Rethink your space. You may not think that you have the space for an impressive walk in, but a deep alcove with sliding doors added across can fashion the perfect nook. Add a modular closet system to create a custom layout of rails and shelves to suit your specific needs.

Sliding Wardrobe

Storage is of prime importance in any house, more so in a small one, and a sliding door wardrobe or sliding closet doors is an ultimate solution that helps to provide storage space without cluttering up the room. Whether you want to give your room a makeover or are designing a new home, sliding wardrobes are a functional and aesthetically appealing option. These doors are fixed in channels at the top or bottom of a closet frame and move horizontally along the tracks. Our designers present you terrific ideas and design for installing fantastic sliding wardrobe designs for Indian homes at Gurugram Noida Delhi .
 One of the main reasons that sliding wardrobes or sliding closet doors are ideal for small houses is that they save space. Since the doors of the closet don’t open outwards, they allow accessibility without restricting movement within the room. It makes them an excellent option for fitted wardrobe doors in tiny bedrooms or even narrow hallways.

Additional Information

Sliding closet doors or sliding wardrobe are versatile as they can be made from a range of materials, including HDF and Glass mirror, making them adaptable to almost any wardrobe design style.


The more traditional option, hinged door wardrobes have their advantages and disadvantages but, overall, make an excellent choice in many cases.
One major advantage that these types of wardrobes have is that they have improved visibility. When the doors of a hinged door wardrobe are open, you can see an entire view of the contents. This allows you to make faster and easier choices of what to wear on a morning!
A further advantage is that the back of their doors can be used, either to hang a full length mirror on or for extra storage space. These wardrobes can also be cut to fit under angled ceilings and stairs and they can be fitted in corners as they can be made to open at any angle.
This classic looking option works best in larger rooms with ample space for the doors to operate and in rooms with a more traditional aesthetic